Wednesday 7 March 2012

Facebook Down March 7th at 7 am GMT?!

Is the Facebook website down at this time? Seems that way to me. The Facebook button stopped working so I checked the Facebook website where you get the button code and could not access the site. So I tried the main website and could not access that either. It is not a browser problem my end as everything else works. The time is about 7 am on 7th March 2012 (London, UK).

Update: 8:02 am - FB is back up! LOL

This is probably just a maintenance session but it is strange that the whole site cannot be accessed. 

You would have thought that they could maintain the site piecemeal without interrupting service to 800 million people!

Maybe it is available in different countries or different places. I don't know. So many people rely on Facebook that if it is down for even a short time, people will become upset.

It is a kind of a monster, actually. Think what would happen if Twitter shut down for a day. There would be rioting in the streets! LOL.

The only other reason why it is down is sabotage or terrorism. I have always thought that a very good target for terrorists would be the servers at Facebook or Twitter. If the computers were blown up it would have a very big impact on Western life. That would please the Islamist terrorists as they see the Western lifestyle as decadent.

Is the FB website back up and running yet? Nope. Just checked. Chaos....Personally, I am sort of pleased because FB has become as I said a kind of monster. I don't think it actually benefits society anymore. It takes people away from living in the real world and people need to live in the real world to put it right.

You can't fix fundamental problems in the ether of the internet. All you can do is talk about them. We have too much chatter and not enough action.


  1. phew so it's not only me who can't access fb.

  2. Glad u left a comment! What is going on?!

  3. Facebook not working in Dubai Either!

  4. not working in Sri Lanka too... says cant find servers..

  5. It is world problem just breaking news. It is real. Chaos.

  6. Haw can you say it is terrorism. Are you retarded or what?

  7. I am not saying it is terrorism. If you read what I have said more carefully you would see that I said that FB is vulnerable to terrorism. Please read carefully before insulting someone.


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