Sunday 3 April 2011

Ragdoll Cats Do Go Limp

Ragdoll cat
My lovely Ragdoll cat :) He's 1 year old - by Mah² (Flickr)
My friend, Ian, has the most friendly and true to his breed cat named Bear. Bear is about 27 pounds, a hefty cat with stunningly clear blue eyes. The first time I ever picked up bear he immediately went limp.

Ian just nonchalantly told me "Yeah all of them did that when we had kittens, even his mom did that when we got her at the shelter."

Bear is my favorite cat, he is so fuzzy and such a Ragdoll cat that he has changed me forever, I am now a cat person...Britteny (Pheonix, USA)

Prevention is the best medicine for your pet's health.

Thanks Britteny for your contribution based on personal experience. The myth surrounding the Ragdoll cat is immense. It was created by Ann Baker the founder. Or was it all true?

Your first hand experiences of a Ragdoll cat that you know at least confirms that this cat breed can be limp and laid back, fitting in nicely with the usual description of this cat breed's character.

Note: the Ragdoll in the photo is not the Ragdoll described in the text.

See Ragdoll cats for more.

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