Monday 25 April 2011

I love cats and I hate cats

There are more people who love cats than hate cats. How do I know? I have used keyword search statistics backed up by common sense.

I think you would actually deduce that more people love cats than hate them without reference to any statistics but it is nice to have that gut feeling confirmed.

What are keyword search statistics? People use the search engines to search for information. The words that they use are saved by search engines and other Internet businesses. These are called keywords.

The chart above shows how many people search for "I love cats" compared to those who search for "I hate cats".

"People that hate cats will
come back as mice in their next life." Faith Resnick
Photo by herrwiggens

I have made the reasonable presumption that in general people who search for a "I hate cats" will dislike/hate cats and those who search for "I love cats" will like/love cats".

I wrote an article about people hating cats a long time ago. It gets a decent number of hits and it has acquired a decent number of comments! These people in general:
  • don't understand cats;
  • are young people;
  • are semi-literate and
  • stupid
Say no more, then. If you hate cats you are ignorant. If you love cats you are probably intelligent. I am being deliberately provocative please note!

There is nothing to hate about cats if you understand them and respect animals. All of us should respect animals because it is better for the planet if we do. Why? Because:
  1. animals have an equal right to be on the planet and
  2. they are part of nature and if we disrespect animals we disrespect nature. If we disrespect nature we end up destroying it, using and abusing it which in the long term is bad for us all as we rely on the planet to keep us alive.

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