Sunday 24 April 2011

i hate the internet

It is eating us up - Photo by Will Lion (Flickr)

i hate the internet. That is how people say it - lower case. It's all in lower case. That is the modern way on the blessed, bastardized internet. I also love the internet. I depend on the internet for a lot of things; food, maps, information, socialization etc. blah, blah, boring.

I depend on it more than most as I have a successful website: PoC. It gets, got, lots of hits: One million page views in one month...until Google thought it would change the algorithm (ridiculous word). Now it is going down and down and turning me off, off for no good reason other than it serves the purposes of good old Google to constantly fiddle with the rules. Google off, Google!

Google is more important than any government including the US government. The USA has lost its way. It has too much debt. It can't afford to do anything on the world stage. It just has to survive and I am not sure it can do that. It is one notch above Greece in terms of fiscal solidity. And that is bad. The predicament is down to years of funding the American dream - no more than a dream, not reality.

Nobody in American in ready to face reality. Europe is no better. The Eurocrats just don't get it. These are the people on the gravy train. The people who manage the European Union. They spend, spend, spend on administration in total denial of reality. China powers on, on the back of an enslaved workforce turning out consumer products to feed the world's insatiable appetite to buy happiness. It's horrible and i hate it.

i hate the internet because it has grown a culture of immorality and impolite behavior and plain stealing. It has fostered bad grammar and crappy spelling. It has shown us how illiterate the world is. It has glued people to the damn computer screen and destroyed relationships.

Bloody pain in the neck networking has superseded the real thing. Every website owner and manager has to - really HAS TO -  connect to Facebook and Twitter, the new gods of the internet that I hate.

You just HAVE TO link up to bloody Facebook; u must or you are nobody. If you don't you are damned to eternal oblivion and hell. God, the Facebook guys love it and milk it. The rest learn to hate it. It is a kind of an addiction - a form of enslavement. An addiction to chasing your backside going nowhere.

If you don't go on Facebook you get forgotten. On Facebook everything links to everything. You make a comment here and it gets spread there and everywhere. That is how they did it. They invented the bloody internet virus.

I feel sorry for the guys who have a million Twitter followers. Think of the pressure to go on Twitter all the time to feed the hungry mouths of the worshiping disciples. Give me something witty, go on, give it me. I need entertaining. I need instant fun. You can provide it. You always have. It is an endless treadmill for successful twitterers. It can only end when the twitterer finally gets terminally pissed off twittering.

If you have a website these days the webmasters all cling on to Twitter and Facebook as lifelines. It doesn't matter how big your site is; you have gotta have one of those bloody irritating Facebook buttons that say "I like it". i hate it.

I love the internet. I love surfing...yeh let's surf and see. What is out there? What is happening? Am I missing something? I love watching the BBC online with iPlayer. In bed. Pure comfort. Purely out of it.

But now I want to get back to where I should be. On the ground not in the ether. On the grass; smelling the grass; feeling the sun. Forget the internet for a bit. Be real.

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  1. Yeah, I refuse to get on fb. And now I have officially fallen off the face of the earth. I won't do it. fb will never know my name. I'll die alone and my corpse will stink up this place for days before anyone gives a shit.
    No one interacts anymore, it's all text, and I refuse to text. I am happy to have a real conversation with anyone, but thanks to the internet, that is now considered creepy.
    So, have fun scraping up my bloated dead body, maybe they can take a picture and post it directly up their ass.


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