Wednesday 20 April 2011


The extraordinary words of a vet "THE GUILT FREE LASER DECLAW" is the title of his web page. He carries out laser declawing and he wants to promote it. I find this title extraordinary because he goes on to say that he knows cat owners feel guilty because he hears comments all day from customers that tell him that they are feeling guilty about asking him to chop of the last phalange (section of bone beyond last joint) of each front toe.

He is trying to assuage their guilt, make them feel less guilty by saying that the operation is less painful and much better for the cat. The cat gets over laser declawing faster. Not all vets agree. This page discusses laser declawing in more detail.

I just want to analyse the idea that the vet can promote declawing on the back of the customer's guilt! It seems very odd indeed.

He is sure people feel guilty about getting their cat declawed. This tells us that these cat owners know that what they are doing is wrong but can't resist having the operation carried out. The drive to remove the cat's claws overcomes the resistance in knowing that it is wrong.

The vet knows that the customer knows that the operation is morally wrong and tries to convince the customer to go ahead anyway. The vet, in short, is encouraging the customer to do something that the customer knows is wrong. Don't you find this extraordinary? What is also very strange is that the vet does not understand what he is actually doing in promoting laser declawing in this way. This tells us that the vet is stupid (this is my opinion only and not a statement of fact).

It is encouraging to know that people who have their cats declawed do in general (according to this vet) feel it is wrong. They sense it is wrong but bury that uneasy feeling about the operation. This squares up with what the law states in Europe where it is banned. Legislators create law for the people and the law should reflect what the people want. So people in Europe find declawing morally wrong. Americans feel the same way but that feeling is squashed by the promotional activities of vets.

The vets also know it is wrong but in the absence of overriding legislation to stop them they allow their greed to get the better of them. See this classic promotional method.

Declawing cats in the USA is based on greed and expediency. The classic weaknesses of humankind are manifested in this horrible and inexcusable operation. See Cat Declawing.

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  1. Cat laser is loved by cats. They are best friends.

  2. LOL, yes cat laser toys are. Sadly I am talking about something at the other end of the spectrum.


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