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Saturday 6 November 2021

Japanese company adopted nine office cats to improve productivity

Tokyo, Japan, 2017: This is a reminder that having companion animals, either cats or dogs, in the workplace can improve productivity. Dogs are probably easier than cats but in this instance a Japanese company, Ferray Corporation, took the plunge and adopted rescue nine cats. 

Japanese company adopted nine office cats to improve productivity
Japanese company adopted nine office cats to improve productivity. Photo: Ferray Corp.

The company is office-based and provides Internet solutions. They are located in Tokyo. Before I go on, this brings to mind Apple Inc. which also allow companion dogs in a part of their huge office complex in California, America. The same reasoning applies namely that it improves the work environment. This leads to better productivity and more contented employees.

Of course, you have to have somebody or several people who take on the responsibility of looking after the cats. This is a fairly big responsibility. So there's a downside there in terms of effort. But the enlightened management in this company decided that overall the upside was greater than the downside.

The pictures show that the cats are healthy and happy. One aspect of this which is very positive is that in Tokyo there are very few landlords who allow renters of  apartments to keep pets. Perhaps this is why they have cat cafés where people can mingle with cats. There must be many people in Japan who want to live with a companion but can't because they can't afford a property and the only type of apartment they can rent prohibits the keeping of pets.

This company helps to fill that gap in their lives. That's probably partly why it is a success. The boss of the company says that he likes them there and that there has been a noticeable increase in inter-office communication. Apparently the employees talk more. I hope they talk more about work than cats! They say they feel less stressed. This is a known quality of being with domestic cats: they help reduce stress. That has been scientifically proven by the way studies.

Another potential downside is that there's lots of computer equipment in this office with cables and sometimes cats like to nibble at cables. That can be dealt with through sensible protect.

In a further cat incentivised environment, Ferray Corporation offers a bonus of $42 a month to any worker who adopts a cat while at the company. Amazing. The top man or woman must love cats and good luck to them.

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