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Tuesday 4 July 2023

Cat follows school girl to bus stop every morning (video)

This is very cute and I have to confess that my cat does the same thing with me. I am not going to school as I am 74-years-of-age! I go to the petrol station (gas station) about half a mile away every morning at 06:15. Yes, very early. My cat follows me about one third of the way and stops to hide under a car in a driveway to wait for my return. You can read about it and see another video if that kind of stuff rocks your boat by clicking on this link.

The reason? The obvious one: a great bond between the two individuals. I'd suspect that the girl interacted with the cat when the cat was a young kitten and they bonded as mother (girl) and offspring (cat). Sometimes humans can be imprinted in the brain of a cat as their mother. This is stronger than the usual cat-to-human relationship which is arguable an offspring-to-parent relationship anyway.

In the wild mother cats take their kittens from the den on hunting trips in their development towards independence. This may be happening in the head of the cat in this video.

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