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New, young cat is terrified. Owner asks, "What can I do?"

On social media a new cat owner has just adopted a young cat and is concerned as she hides away and does not move. She is in the bathroom where she was placed. Below is the picture provided. It is a very classic, common situation as strange surroundings and sounds concern cats. They love familiarity, routines and rhythms. My response below is also typical, but it is always useful to spread the word. The keyword for the human is PATIENCE. Everything should proceed at the kitten's pace and things should never be forced by the human. New, frightened kitten concerns her owner as she won't move. Image: u/UnluckyTie6534 My response on social media is as follows (what would yours be?): You'll need a lot of patience. Give her all the time she needs to feel more at home. Perhaps provide her with a hiding place which is better than the one in the picture ✔️😎. And provide her with a really good food treat. With respect, the dry cat food you have provided looks to be poor/average qual