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Tuesday 6 July 2021

Climbing skills of mice to avoid cats hunting them

This picture shows the climbing skills of mice to avoid cats hunting them. I've seen this sort of climbing ability in my home with my cat doing his damnest to catch the little fella. Mice are remarkable in their skills and courage when fighting a cat. They scream at cats at the top of their voice at a volume where I can hear them from yards away. 

Humans are not meant to hear the high frequency sound of mice but when they shout as they do in the face of death by cat bite, they can he heard. They can hold the sort of position you see in the photo for a long time. I admire them which is one reason why I hate my cat's delight at killing them but I fully accept it. I have to.

Mice can jump extraordinarily well when they have to, to escape capture. They move rapidly and can squeeze through the tiniest of holes. I've saved a few from the jaws of my cat. I put them out at the back of the garden and hope for the best. I don't believe that they survive because they are too traumatized or they've been injured. But I can't do anything else but try.

Pic: MikeB. This is all that is left of a mouse after my cat has finished with it. Horrible and tragic.

Wednesday 18 November 2020

Mouse eye view of being chased by a cat

TikTok video screenshot.

This is what it looks like from mouse to be chased by a cat down your burrow 😏

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