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How many cats does Martha Stewart have?

We don't know how many cats Martha Stewart has today (but it might be 2 Bengal cats) at this time 😒😢, but we do know that she has had, over the past 40 years, at least 20 cats. Martha Stewart has also adopted many other animals over this time including two dozen dogs, canaries, parakeets, ponies, donkeys, 10 horses, goats, sheep, guineafowl, turkeys, geese and 10 chinchillas. She is clearly a big fan of animals and likes to live with and care for them. We do know that she has at least 2 cats at the moment because today, October 12, 2022, we can report that Martha Stewart has expanded her feline family. On her Instagram channel, she reported on Tuesday that she has welcomed two Bengal cats to her farm menagerie. One of them she has called Kipling. She describes Kipling as "curious" and a "mischievous feline!". Martha's 2 new Bengal cats Oct 2022. Photos: Martha Stewart. She said that they are acclimatising to their new surroundings which is a farm and there