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Sunday 7 May 2023

Find ways to make your cat happy (short video)

The observant and sensitive cat caregiver will find ways to make their cat happy. They'll know what it is to achieve that goal. One obvious thing that applies to all domestic cats is to groom them in those inaccessible places which is what I am doing in the video. This is just a small example. Little things add up. The passing kiss and cuddle. Singing to him. I don't need to provide a list. It comes naturally to the good and concerned cat caregiver.

Wednesday 28 July 2021

Do this for five minutes daily and make your cat happy

This is one thing that all cat owners should do daily to make their cat happy. It's uncomplicated, it doesn't cost any money and it makes the person happy as well. It's a form of mutual grooming. It is called allogrooming. 

But the point is that you are flea combing as well. It's a combination event. From the cat's perspective it is like being licked by another cat. The teeth of the flea comb are like the spines of a cat's tongue. It is delightful. But the added benefit is that you are checking for fleas and if you find one you kill them immediately. And every cat should be checked for fleas because they can be picked up very easily.

Even full-time indoor cats living in a clean home can pick up a flea because they can be brought into the home by their owner. Flea combing should be a way of life. Every morning at the same time the owner should flea comb their cat around the head, on the cheeks, down the back of the neck and on the shoulders. These are the basic areas where fleas congregate. 

The product of flea combing but no fleas
The product of flea combing but no fleas. Photo: MikeB.

You can check for flea dirt at the base of the tail. But I comb my cat all over with a flea comb. This also helps to make the cat glossier because it stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more oil.

Like I said, it is so simple and perhaps can owners do this a lot but I suspect not. Many cats develop an allergy to flea bites which is devastating. It causes self-mutilation due to intense itching. Fleas are probably in the top 10 all-time cat health problems. 

And this something that anybody can do something about. And it brings pleasure to your cat. It is guaranteed. I would state with some confidence that every single cat on the planet will enjoy it provided it is done gently, precisely and with respect. It takes little investment but there is a big reward.

Wednesday 3 August 2011

Happy British Shorthair Cat

Lulu, the smiling one in the picture below is a silver tabby Brit SH. I have another picture of her on this page - my thanks to the photographer and human companion for licensing use of the photo.

Happy Lulu! Photo by warper (Flickr)

Great smile and we all know why she is co content. Her buddy is giving her a good wash. This tells us how we can make out cats happy. Groom them, stroke them (simulates the tongue washing) and flea comb them. All should be liked and loved. Grooming should always be gentle but practical and firm. It is a question of balance and common sense.

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