Thursday 3 August 2023

An 80-year-old grandmother and her large crocheted cat

Here are three photographs of an 80-year-old grandma and her extra-large crocheted cat! The credit for the unusual images is the Facebook page: Feedy. They look incredibly real and a lot of people - perhaps the majority of people - think that they are real, but are they?! They are impressive pictures of cats.

My personal view is that they are excellent examples of photo-editing created with the assistance of artificial intelligence to improve them. It would be exceptional for them to be created solely by human hand.

I say this for 2 reasons. The crochet cats are so big as to be unbelievable. I don't see that is it possible to crochet cats this size without an extraordinary amount of expense, effort and skill. 

It is much easier to make them a normal size and then 'enlarge them' digitally. Think about the circumference of the wool.  Who makes wool that thick. It would have to be like rope.

Secondly in the third photo down the lady's left hand is overly-long, abnormally so. Something went wrong there.

That said and as mentioned these are great images in terms of photo-editing skills. There is no information about the creator on the FB page. I think that the creator is a Chinese man! That's about it and I am probably wrong. He makes strange videos too and they feature Chinese people. That's the basis of my assessment.

Update: I am wrong!! The creator is a woman from Ukraine whose name is LYDIA. I found her story on Instagram. You can read it by clicking on this link which takes you to another of her impressive creations. The crochet is by her and I believe so is the AI photo-editing.

The images have also been posted on Russian and Chinese websites. And on other social media platforms. Everywhere pretty well but it is the first time I've seen them! And I am on the internet daily.

The link to the Facebook page is below:

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