Sunday 20 August 2023

Police officer adopts kitten 'thrown from window' who clung to his shoulders

 Come on, this is great story. I think this police officer is a really nice guy. He has a heart. And Penny was brave and smart to pick him! She made it known to him that he was the man for her. And she got him for life. She is a dilute calico - a really nice coat They are nearly always female and I guess that is what the SPCA told him when he was allowed to foster her.

Penny was thrown from a window. It must have been a downstairs window. And she was under a couch. The owner must have been a thrown away their couch in the same way they threw away their cat.

That's a crime, isn't it? Cat abandonment. Normally is and it is a form of cat cruelty anyway. Why didn't this nice police officer arrest the owner!? 

They make a great couple, don't they? The story is proof that the cat picks the person when it comes to selecting a cat at a rescue shelter. If the cat comes to you and jumps onto your shoulders or lap, that's it. Over and out. You have yourself a new cat companion. No arguments.

He fostered Penny first but that was only an interim step as he always intended to adopt her, I think. He, like me, is a failed foster carer!

This relationship will have legs. It'll last and last. The bond is unbreakable. Adopting like this creates an instant and durable bond. A connection that you don't always get when you purchase a purebred cat from a breeder.

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