Monday 28 August 2023

Can sand cats survive without water?

To the question in the title the answer is YES. I will quote two real experts on this topic: Mel and Fiona Sunquist.

They say:

Given the nature of its desert habitat, it is not surprising that the sand cat can survive without free-standing water. Indeed, for most of the year, these cats do not drink, but obtain sufficient moisture from their prey. One captive fed on fresh rodents and birds refused all freshwater and did not drink for two months, but another drank freely. Though they can live without water, wild sand cats will drink when water is available; in the eastern Karakum, their tracks have been found around pools of water.

Mel and Fiona are the authors of probably the best book on the wild cats: Wild Cats of the World. Their reference for the above information is: 

  1. Heptner WG and AA Sludskii 1992 Mammals of the Soviet Union and
  2. Roberts TJ 1977 The mammals of Pakistan 
Here is a picture of a sand cat by me using Canva.

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