Friday 4 August 2023

2 indications that the world is conservatively not ready for the woke movement or tackling global warming

NEWS AND VIEWS: There are two diverse reasons why, I believe, that the world is not ready to deal adequately with the concept of inclusivity which is under the umbrella of the woke movement. And the world is not yet ready either to deal properly with global warming as indicated by another development which is entirely separate.

Sales blow to Bud Light

Yes, this is about beer. The manufacturer of Bud Light beer, Anheuser-Busch, employed Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender influencer, as Audrey Hepburn in its promotion of their beer. They wanted to show off their inclusivity which is trendy these days. 

It is companies jumping onto the woke bandwagon, in this instance, to try and improve their sales. But it backfired. Their partnership with Dylan Mulvaney did not pan out as they had thought. It sparked a boycott in parts of Conservative America where revenues dropped 10.5% in April to June compared to 2022.

A little 'c' conservative world is scared of change

The majority of the world is conservative at least with a little 'c'. They don't want to change. They want to maintain the status quo because it is calming to keep things as they are. Change is frightening to a lot of people. And so the little 'c' conservatives of the world don't accept a company promoting their product with the assistance of a transgender influencer.

World should be more enlightened about the spectrum of gender identities

That's one example of how the world is not ready as a unit to accept the idea of the woke movement and transgender people. It's a shame, because personally I am all in favour of inclusivity and the acceptance of transgender people and all people of all genders. There is a wide range of genders I believe although biologically there are only two types of human: males and females!

Ethical funds suffer backlash with £1 billion retreat

Entirely separately, British investors have pulled money out of funds in the sustainable or ethical marketplace. These are investment products weighted towards companies that trumpet environmental, social or governance credentials.

It seems that mainstream investors have rejected the idea of putting money into environmental projects partly because they've lost enthusiasm for them because of scepticism and accusations of green washing. They don't believe that companies that profess to be green are actually green. These companies are using the concept of being environmentally friendly to boost their profits.

Lack of genuine commitment to tackling climate change

And, personally, I believe that a lot of people including investors are retreating from making big efforts to curb climate change. There is a weakening of commitment towards efforts to stop global warming. The basis is probably because it is too expensive and people are yet to see the real dangers inherent with climate change. We see weather changes i.e. extreme weather but humankind needs more than that to commit trillions of dollars and burden the taxpayer to tackling climate change with real commitment.


These indicators of the mentality of mainstream life in both the USA and UK and I was would suggest in the wider Western world indicates a deep conservatism and the reluctance to change which is why global warming will get worse for a long time to come in my view and that affects us all including our cat companions!

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