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Tuesday 26 March 2024

Why does the world put up with Putin?

OPINION: President Putin is, according to me, a bit like a cancerous growth inside someone's body. He is a cancer on the planet. When there is cancer inside the body a surgeon cuts it out. The same sort of thing should happen to Putin. We need to take proactive steps to stop this man.

Everything we do is reactive. We allow him to perpetrate his crimes against humanity. We allow him to kill tens of thousands of people in Ukraine, innocent people, hundreds of thousands of animals and a thousand children. We allow it. This can't be right.

Note: this post is not politically correct (PC).  It is direct. To the point. It needs to be said but PC stuff prevents it. You know AI will not create an image of Putin as the devil incarnate. Refused to do it. AI is too PC.

Putin is an inveterate liar. He is a sociopathic liar. He knows that he is lying but he sees it as normal behaviour. This assessment has been reinforced by his reaction to the recent terrorist attack on the Crocus City Hall concert.

Immediately after the attack, he blamed Ukrainian terrorists. He said that they were seen trying to go across the border into Ukraine. He knew very well that this was all mumbo-jumbo and lies. He wants to find a reason to escalate the bombing of Ukraine.

Now that it's quite clear that it was Islamic terrorists who carried out the attack he has changed his lies.

Apparently, America had intelligence to say that it was going to happen and I believe they warned the Kremlin about this foreseeable Islamic terrorist attack. And since the attack, the Islamic State has stated that they carried out.

Belarus' strongman dictator Alexander Lukashenko said that the terrorists tried to cross into Belarus undermining Putin's earlier statement.

And I'm sure in the videos of the attack made by TikTok influencers who stayed within the auditorium in order to get their video material (quite mad) the terrorist can be seen to be from the Islamic race of people. They look like Pakistanis or people from the East, not Ukrainians.

And immediately Putin changes his lies as mentioned. He has just stated that "This atrocity may be only [another] link in a whole series of attempts by those who have been fighting our country since 2014 through the hands of the neo-Nazi Kiev regime. We know who carried out the attack. We want to know who the mastermind was."

Putin is saying indirectly that the West is to blame for this terror attack. He is always finding reasons to blame the West. He is paranoid about the West wishing to destroy Russia. He firmly believes that he has enemies all around him trying to steal his lands and destroy Russia. Paranoia comes to mind.

If Putin lived in the West, he would be treated for mental illness. It be under the doctor with medication to alter his mental state. He is paranoid as mentioned. He is irrational. He lies sociopathically. He doesn't feel the consequences of his lying and murderous behaviour. These are the marks of a sociopath or psychopath.

He needs to be stopped. I'm not advocating assassination. I'm advocating some way to actually stop him; to take proactive steps because he is destroying the world. He is poisoning the world. Why do we accept it?


P.S. please forgive the occasional typo. These articles are written at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I have to prepare them in around 20 mins.

Friday 4 August 2023

2 indications that the world is conservatively not ready for the woke movement or tackling global warming

NEWS AND VIEWS: There are two diverse reasons why, I believe, that the world is not ready to deal adequately with the concept of inclusivity which is under the umbrella of the woke movement. And the world is not yet ready either to deal properly with global warming as indicated by another development which is entirely separate.

Sales blow to Bud Light

Yes, this is about beer. The manufacturer of Bud Light beer, Anheuser-Busch, employed Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender influencer, as Audrey Hepburn in its promotion of their beer. They wanted to show off their inclusivity which is trendy these days. 

It is companies jumping onto the woke bandwagon, in this instance, to try and improve their sales. But it backfired. Their partnership with Dylan Mulvaney did not pan out as they had thought. It sparked a boycott in parts of Conservative America where revenues dropped 10.5% in April to June compared to 2022.

A little 'c' conservative world is scared of change

The majority of the world is conservative at least with a little 'c'. They don't want to change. They want to maintain the status quo because it is calming to keep things as they are. Change is frightening to a lot of people. And so the little 'c' conservatives of the world don't accept a company promoting their product with the assistance of a transgender influencer.

World should be more enlightened about the spectrum of gender identities

That's one example of how the world is not ready as a unit to accept the idea of the woke movement and transgender people. It's a shame, because personally I am all in favour of inclusivity and the acceptance of transgender people and all people of all genders. There is a wide range of genders I believe although biologically there are only two types of human: males and females!

Ethical funds suffer backlash with £1 billion retreat

Entirely separately, British investors have pulled money out of funds in the sustainable or ethical marketplace. These are investment products weighted towards companies that trumpet environmental, social or governance credentials.

It seems that mainstream investors have rejected the idea of putting money into environmental projects partly because they've lost enthusiasm for them because of scepticism and accusations of green washing. They don't believe that companies that profess to be green are actually green. These companies are using the concept of being environmentally friendly to boost their profits.

Lack of genuine commitment to tackling climate change

And, personally, I believe that a lot of people including investors are retreating from making big efforts to curb climate change. There is a weakening of commitment towards efforts to stop global warming. The basis is probably because it is too expensive and people are yet to see the real dangers inherent with climate change. We see weather changes i.e. extreme weather but humankind needs more than that to commit trillions of dollars and burden the taxpayer to tackling climate change with real commitment.


These indicators of the mentality of mainstream life in both the USA and UK and I was would suggest in the wider Western world indicates a deep conservatism and the reluctance to change which is why global warming will get worse for a long time to come in my view and that affects us all including our cat companions!

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