Thursday 15 September 2022

What breed is this stray neighbourhood cat?

"What breed is this stray neighbourhood cat?" asks a user and the answer is that this is a bobcat. This is not a breed of cat but a species of medium-sized wild cat ubiquitous in North America wandering around suburbia looking for a domestic cat to feed on! 😢

It looks like a 'purebred' bobcat (i.e., not a hybrid) who has wandered into the neighbourhood as they sometimes do as they often become habituated to suburbia which is not great for the cat as sometimes residents panic and grab their guns of which there is a copious number in the US.

What breed is this stray neighbourhood cat?
What breed is this stray neighbourhood cat? It is not a breed of cat but an American bobcat wandering around American suburbia probably looking for a domestic cat to feed on. Image: (u/Gimme_More_Cats)

You'll see a lot of bobcats in American suburbia and the big problem is that in some places such as Florida bobcats acquire a taste for outside domestic cats. They attack, kill and eat them. Domestic cat owners find that their cat companions have simply disappeared, and the bobcat can return for more.

You can end up with a mini slaughter of indoor/outdoor cats in one area. I guess small dogs might be vulnerable to bobcat predation as well.

The problem is human made as these settlements have been built on bobcat territory. They are simply occupying what is rightfully theirs and they bump into prey animals: domestic cats.

Sometimes you see escaped pet servals wandering around neighbourhoods. They, too, are vulnerable to being shot at because people can be scared, and they tend to exaggerate the dangers.

If they simply keep their cats inside and left the bobcat alone all would end well. You just have to leave them alone to share the place. It is their place anyway.

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There are actually many news stories of bobcats interfering with human life sometimes with bad outcomes. For example, a contractor claims a bobcat attacked him on 18th floor of condominium in downtown Tampa

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