Tuesday 13 September 2022

"Cat breeds I will never own" by an animal clinic worker

An animal clinic worker, Kaylnn, decided to tell us that there are four "cat breeds" that she would never own, and she has decided that she has the authority to tell us this. But her "advice" is hopelessly inaccurate and there are some glaring errors. It is all bollocks. She implies that in handling them at her clinic these cats have been very difficult.

"Cat breeds I will never own" by an animal clinic worker
"Cat breeds I will never own" by an animal clinic worker. It is all pure bollocks

She has produced a TikTok video which, I'm sorry to say, is hopeless as well. For example, she says that domestic longhaired cats are very badly behaved. "Domestic longhaired cats" are not a breed of cat. And therefore, she's got that wrong completely. And she's branding all longhaired domestic cats as being "a$$holes". This cannot be correct. It's impossible to state that and it is completely stupid. It goes against logic and the views of hundreds of millions of longhaired cat owners.

Please click on the video play button twice ✔️😊.

She says that the Ragdoll cat "will bite the $hit" outta u". In other words, all Ragdoll cats are biters and aggressive and nasty. That is also completely mad particularly as Ragdoll cats are bred to be passive and laid-back. Even if they were not passive and laid-back it is still completely incorrect to brand an entire cat breed as being biters. Incidentally, the Ragdoll is in the top 3 most popular cat breeds 👍.

She also says that the Bengal cat behaves like a wild leopard. And she brands the wildcat hybrid cats as being impossible. Well, wildcat hybrid cats can be a little bit more aggressive than your standard domestic cat, but they are still very unaggressive, and they make very good companions albeit more active than the average cat. It is even specified in the cat breed standard for the Bengal cat that they must be unaggressive. And therefore, all breeders of this breed of cat make a particular effort to achieve that goal.

Surprisingly, too, she states that she would never adopt a Persian cat using these words: "h3ll no". Persian cats are known to be passive, and some people describe them as being a bit like the furniture. They can be a little bit nervous which means they have a reputation for inappropriate elimination i.e., not peeing in the litter box. But they do not have a reputation for being difficult or aggressive for any other aspect of personality which makes them poor companions.

That's it. She has picked three cat breeds and one type of cat to state that they are all unadoptable in her opinion. I thought I might chat about it for a while and on this page, you can see her TikTok video above.

Please note, that her video has been downloaded to my desktop and uploaded to this website because this is allowed by the TikTok administrators. It is better to do it this way rather than embed the video on this webpage because sometimes videos on these third-party sites are deleted which stops the video working on this site.

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