Wednesday 21 September 2022

Nicolas Cage's best friend is his cat Merlin

Nicolas Cage, the iconic American actor who has made some super films and many flops 😒 says that his cat Merlin loves him and is very affectionate. Merlin loves contact and jumps into bed with Nick and hugs him and he thinks it is his wife but 'Nope, it's Merlin!'

Cage and Merlin
Cage and Merlin. Is this really Merlin. The cat in the video looks like a blue purebred British Shorthair but 'Merlin' is a 4-year-old Maine Coon. The cat in the video is not a Maine Coon. Image: Screenshot.

Merlin shows Nick Cage a lot of affectionate energy and he calls him a 'real sweetheart'. And he means it. And I am sure all of us who have been loved by their cat companion know what he means. 

When a cat loves you and shows it in their behaviour it is special. We are privileged to experience cat love 😊💓✔️.

: This is an embedded video from another website. Sometimes they are deleted at source, or the video is turned into a link which would stop it working here. I have no control over this.

What I positively don't like about the video is the stupid video editing which, for me, dilutes the genuine affection that Cage has for Merlin and vice versa. 

And the cat is a Maine Coon while Merlin is a Maine Coon. So, the video maker got that entirely wrong. I can't find a reliable photo of Merlin at the present time.

The video takes the piss out of the relationship, and I believe that it is a genuinely loving relationship. You don't take the piss out of that. I am being too serious perhaps but that's how I see it. Maybe it is Cage who's taking the piss out of the relationship, but I don't see that happening as he is a known cat lover.

P.S. Initially I misspelled his first name which was unforgivably careless of me. And as I dictate these posts his surname was also misspelled, and I missed them both! Horrible. Sorry. Doing things too fast.

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