Tuesday 20 September 2022

'Copycats' a cat picture I don't like

The picture is called 'copycats'. And the person who uploaded it to Twitter has the handle: 'cats being weird little guys'. Being a grumpy old man, I don't see cats being weird but humans being weird. They get a kick out of placing a real tuxedo cat (black-and-white) in bed with a bunch of plush toy look-a-likes. Then they take a photo and upload it to social media. I mean, I don't get it. 

'Copycats' a cat picture I don't like
'Copycats' a cat picture I don't like. Image: Twitter.

I suppose it is all about human entertainment, but it is at the expense of cats. But then no one gives a damn except grumpy old fools like me who complains. Why don't we celebrate the cat or simply stop using the cat to make funny cat pics for social media? Let's just end the funny cat pic and video era. It has gone on long enough. Way too long actually.

I don't think it helps with cat welfare as it uses cats as objects of entertainment. Someone out there will take a different message from the images and believe that cats can be abused in a more harmful way. There are a lot of people who get kicks out of hurting cats.

It is funny because at the other end of the spectrum of cat pictures we have cat rescue organisations trying to drum up donations by showing injured, rescued cats. They publish these uncomfortable photos on Twitter, and it is simply wrong. It is using cat cruelty to try and get people to donate money. It is another version of cat abuse.

Showing photos of injured cats, I have decided, is abusive. It devalues cats. And it inures people to cat abuse. People need to be sensitive to cat abuse and to roundly object to it and reject it. If you bombard social media users with pics of rescue cats in very poor health and injured, people become accustomed to these images and see nothing particularly wrong. It is becomes normalised.

I have asked cat rescues to stop showing injured rescued cats as it is clearly wrong. Let's see the cat treated in a kindly non-abuse way. The cat should never be used (abused) to try and achieve a human goal. But is happens all the time in many different ways.

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