Thursday 12 May 2022

Two disabled cats make each other happy

Through their friendship in this household these two disabled cats make each other happy. And the relationship has a nice balance. I called it symbiotic on but apparently the word "symbiotic" refers to animals of two different species and here we have two domestic cats with different coats. One of them is a tabby-and-white coat and the other has a calico or tortoiseshell-and-white coat. So, technically, this is not a symbiotic relationship but a mutually beneficial one.

In order to get the video to work you should click on the start button in the middle of the video initially and then move down to the bottom-left and push the start button bottom-left afterwards!! The video will then play. Sorry for the complication. 😎. I think I'd turn the music off too! And it is sentimental. I like the friendship they have.

The tortoiseshell-and-white coated cat has dead hindlegs because they're paralysed. This may have been caused by an injury to the spine or it is a congenital disability. Her close friend and companion, the tabby-and-white cat has no forelegs. As I understand it, they had to be amputated because she was electrocuted.

Super mutually beneficial friendship between two disabled cats is great to see
Super mutually beneficial friendship between two disabled cats is great to see. This is a screenshot from the video also on this page.

The backstories to both these injuries are very sad but the friendship is very warm and beautiful. Perhaps they need each other and they found each other. Luckily, they got on and it must have made such a big difference to their lives.

Disabled cats can have very good lives and one way to achieve this is to have a cat companion. Another way is for the cat caregiver to be particularly committed in providing a lot of entertainment and interaction. Provided their lives are enriched in a safe environment they will live a life as good as any other.

I am sure that you know that cats don't feel sorry for themselves if they are disabled. They just accept it and get on with it. It is one of the charms of the personality of the domestic cat. They are very stoic, enduring and great survivors.

It seems that this person is attracted to caring for injured or disabled domestic cats and in doing so she has made a number of videos on TikTok which have attracted quite a high number of viewers. If I am being overly critical it could be argued that it is not wise or clever to make videos of disabled cats in order to attract a lot of viewers. It looks like that to me. I don't think videos of disabled cats should be made because, at heart, they are abusing the disability for commercial gain. Perhaps that is way over the top in terms of criticism but it does come to my mind.

Here is another video of the two:

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