Monday 9 May 2022

Royal Canin dental dry cat food is too smelly for humans

I have a problem with Royal Canin dental dry cat food. I have an open plan kitchen and therefore it merges into the living room. And if cat food is too smelly it tends to permeate my living space. And I found quite positively that Royal Canin dental dry cat food is too smelly for my liking. 

Too smelly as far as I am concerned. And smellier than Hill's which is a comparable product.

It might not be too smelly for my cat. In fact, I am sure that it isn't but it is too smelly for me because I can smell it in the room which is not right. And, also, it is smellier than Hill's dental, which is also a large pellet dry cat food.

I just wonder whether the manufacturers have ever taken into account how cat owners react to the smell of their products. They must make is smelly to attract cats who depend a lot on the smell of food to judge if it is attractive to them. But what about the humans?

Normally, I wouldn't mention the smell of dry cat food in a bowl waiting to be eaten but because Royal Canin smells so strongly it is noticeable. And it shouldn't be noticeable. Of course, dry cat food is in a food bowl for a long time as it does not go off like wet. This means the smell is more likely to have an impact on the living area from a human standpoint.

During the day when my cat generally eats wet cat food, I sometimes place a small plate over the dry cat food bowl to stop the smell permeating my living space. I'm not sure what more to say. I just think that the manufacturer has got this wrong.

Hill's create a dry cat food for dental cleaning which is perfectly acceptable and as effective as Royal Canin but it doesn't smell like the Royal Canin. It is acceptable.

This is just a short note. I have nothing more to say really but I felt that I needed to get it off my chest. Does anyone else have the same problem with this cat food?

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  1. I never had this problem because I refused to give my cat Royal Canin or Hill's anything. And, I avoided any dry food except Instinct or RAWS. I doubt if dry food really cleans cat's teeth, considering the pointy shape which basically cracks the kibble before swallowing. And the ingredients! Most people are unaware of the ingredients in the processed food they give to their cats. I rely on the only vet I trust who doesn't sell pet food, but rescues cats. Dr. Lisa Pierson at


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