Friday 6 May 2022

Cat in second floor apartment enjoys a lift service for an indoor/outdoor life

Your lift service sir
Your lift service sir. Screenshot.

We do see this from time to time. This is a particularly good example. The man wants his cat to enjoy the outside. When he leaves his apartment, sometimes he lets his cat join him. It seems that there is no cat flap in his front door. On other occasions he employs this Heath Robinson lift service. 

The man, Kai Liebe, and his cat, Misco, live in Munich, Germany. He says that "Misco is an outdoor cat that I trained to get out and back inside again using a bag as an elevator".

It looks a bit precarious but his cat is well trained. If I was being a little bit critical, I think he could use a rigid cage of some sort because there does seem to be a possibility that his cat could fall out. Despite that, his cat looks incredibly relaxed and knows exactly what to do. This method has been used for quite some time.

Some people go to extraordinary lengths to allow their cat to go outside. Other cat owners go to extraordinary lengths to keep their cat inside. I'm talking about people who enrich the indoor environment in order to stimulate the mind of their full-time indoor cat.

There are probably upwards of a hundred million domestic cats living in apartments on the planet. Probably more. And they are all confined to a small living space; a space which is substantially smaller than they naturally require.

Domestic cats require something in the order of about 20 acres of space in which to live naturally and call their home. It might be larger. When a cat gets lost, they will normally be no more than about 500 m from the back door of their home.

Male domestic cats demand larger home ranges and females. This is entirely in line with the wild cat species. If you lose your cat, initially, look within about 100 m of your back door. If they are not there then they might have hitched a ride in a van or lorry or tried to return to their previous address if you've moved recently and you've not move that far.

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