Saturday 26 January 2008

Ragdoll Google Slide Show

I am building a page on the main website with this slide show and I wondered what it would look like here. The photographers are both the best. Dani Rozeboom runs a cattery in the Netherlands and is a web site designer and photographer as well.

She has a fabulous family of gorgeous long haired cats. They are all right out of the top draw in terms of appearance. And she photographs them so beautifully.

Helmi is famous as probably the best professional cat photographer in the world. This then is a special slide show.

There is also a photo or two by other photographer one being Tom Poes who lives with Ragdoll cats and takes fine photographs of them. Enjoy this Ragdoll Google Slide Show, which updates as new photographs are added.

Ragdoll Google Slide Show to Ragdoll cats

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