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Purina Pet Cat Food

Purina Pet Cat Food is manufactured by NestlĂ© Purina®/Friskies a company that, according to the website is involved in animal testing. I know this is an unfashionable subject but I am resolved to do my bit in changing people's habits. is a fine website with real information in an area where it is hard to find clean information. But the site has an Alexa ranking of 1,178,000. Alexa is a website business that tells you how much traffic you are getting to your website. It does this by collecting data from people who have installed the Alexa toolbar on their computers. The data is reasonably accurate for sites that have high levels of traffic. The number 1,178,000 means that Uncaged is ranked 1.1m amongst all the websites of which there are countless millions (not sure how many but there were about 57m websites until the explosion in Blogs of which there are now about 100m, total 157m perhaps).

Anyway at 1.1m, Uncaged, in my experience, get about 25 visitors a day (wrong? - tell me please). That means that animal testing is not very interesting to people. People just aren't that bothered, in seems to me. Out of sight and baffled by the big companies cover ups.

This article therefore might be unpopular but it needs to be said. It is a struggle to find pet food made by manufacturers that we can definitely say do not animal test. We're too busy to find out. Fortunately, I have the time.

NestlĂ© Purina/Friskies® make make more than Purina Pet Cat Food; they make these companion animal foods: Alpo®, Bonio®, Felix®, Go Cat®, Gourmet®, Omega Complete®, Proplan®, Spillers®, Vital Balance®, Winalot®. (list courtesy We shouldn't buy them. These are my reasons.

So if you are into the idea of doing your bit to stop animal testing (and I am after years of buying whatever was on the supermarket shelf including Purina Pet Cat Food) lets find some animal testing free cat food. It is hard to be sure that a company is not animal testing but an organisation called BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) has a system which rigorously checks that this is the case.

Uncaged recommend the following as foods produced without animal testing (based upon BUAV lists) - :

Arden Grange, Burns, Europa Pet Foods Ltd., Fromm Family Foods, Naturediet (dog food), Pero Foods (small business -no info on their website on cat food), Top Number and HappyiDog, Trophy Pet Food, Vegecat/Vegekit. You can get details from the Uncaged website (I can't copy the list as it would be what they call, "copy vio" (copy violation).

So, where do you get this pet food and which is the cat food and which is the best? Lots of questions.

Arden Grange can be bought online. They do dog and cat food. Here's the link They're based near Brighton, England.

Burns can also be bought online - click here for cats They're based in Kidwelly Carmarthenshire (Wales).

Europa Pet Foods Ltd do dog food only it seems

Fromm Family Foods are an international company based in Wisconsin, USA and have retail outlets and online sales.

Trophy Pet Food is UK based and they have franchisees who deliver to your door. Here is a link to the cat food page of their website.

Vegecat/Vegekit makes a vegetable based supplement to add to your own cat food.

Writing this article has forced me to research cat food suppliers who don't animal test and I am going to buy my next lot of cat food from one of the above, probably Burns or Arden Grange. It's not going to be Purina Pet Cat Food unless Nestle can convince me otherwise.

Top photo copyright Sage
Middle photo copyright Creative Nickie
Bottom photo copyright and By fofurasfelinas

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Anonymous said…
hi, thanks for the information... you dont have to care if it is or not a fashionable subject... you are doing a great job... but is a little sad for me cause im from venezuela and the only dog or cat food that we can find here is purina, eukanuba..etc famous companies that does animal testing... bye and tnaks again
Michael Broad said…

Thanks for the comment, it is appreciated really.

Evelyn Paterson said…
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shelby alvarez said…
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Unknown said…
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