Wednesday 23 January 2008

Picture of Sleeping Cat

Here is a picture of a sleeping cat (actually there's 2) and two more great cat pictures. Some of the Flickr photographers are just plain talented and some have cats so when these two factors come together you get some great cat photographs. One such person has the Flickr name fofurasfelinas Here are just 4 of his/her photos that I have selected. They are reproduced under Creative Commons licence and are the copyright of forfurasfelinas:

picture of sleeping cat - black kitten

kitten sleeping

cat pulling face, Estelar

kittens sleeping

The cats from top: Ravena, Estelar, Celeste, the Babies. There are many more. I simply selected, almost, at random as all the photographs from this fine photographer are of a high standard.

A picture of a sleeping cat is not hard to find, because there are many sleeping cats and many digital cameras. But there aren't that many high quality pictures. I'll be publishing lots more. Cats sleep for long periods whether they are wildcats or domestic cats because they are very efficient hunters. This allows for long periods in between catching and eating prey. Obviously domestic cats normally get fed by us but the process is hard wired from the ancestral wildcat.

Cats dream profoundly just as we do. See these posts as well perhaps:

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