Sunday 20 January 2008

Cat Peeing Behavior

Cats demonstrate different cat peeing behavior. Some cats, particularly Bengal cats may pee in the water bowl or some other place where there is water.

Bengal cats are essentially a wild cat/domestic cat hybrid (although breeding is now Bengal to Bengal). The wild ancestor is the Asian Leopard Cat. This wild cat likes to live near water and can fish like other wild cats. Water provides a greater chance of finding wildlife, small animals, to hunt and feed on.

It seems possible that the Asian Leopard Cat also, on occasions, pees in the water. I have not read this anywhere, but it seems possible and indeed likely as it would be a natural way of covering the odor, which is something that cats do when they are being subservient. Of course wild cats need not necessarily be subservient. Some feral cats don't cover their urine as they want it to be a marker of their superiority. If they do pee in the water it could also be simply a matter of convenience or that the running water creates the urge :)

The Bengal's wild ancestor's habits can be seen in this cat peeing behavior when she pees in the water bowl or sink. Although it is not only Bengal cats that pee in their water bowl. In fact some Bengals train themselves to pee in a human toilet. This is testament to their intelligence and their love of water.

Of course their is no real behavioral problem here as it beats urinating on the floor :) This may be abnormal behavior to us but is normal to a domestic cat in the circumstances under which she finds herself.

Some ideas to alter or re-direct this behavior is to use water bottles for Bengal cats. Apparently Bengals like to drink from water bottles. They also drink from taps but be careful as it has been known for a Bengal to drown drinking from a tap as his lungs filled up with water.

Another answer, if you want to modify this cat peeing behavior is to raise the water bowl from the ground whereby it becomes inconvenient to pee in it but OK to drink out of it.

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