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University students with the right attitude benefit from cats on campus

Although I don't think this study is particularly useful or enlightening, I believe that it is worth reporting it so here goes. The scientists decided that most studies about the benefits of companion animals to university students concerned dogs (83%) so they wanted to do some work on cats to see how university students responded. Could they respond positively to the presence of domestic cats on campus? Could cats benefit university students? Yes, is the answer if they have a sufficient degree of emotionality and the right attitude! 👍✔️💓. Student benefiting from a ginger tabby cat. Image: Pixabay. They found in simple terms that the student has to have the right attitude to benefit. In short, if a university student has the following attributes they respond positively to a visitation from a cat on campus at university: The student is female. The student is open to a dog visitation program. The student is a cat owner. In other words, we are talking about students who already like