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Neutered male cat wants to mate with a spayed female in the same household. Why?

A cat owner on the website finds it difficult to understand what their male cat is doing to their female cat. They are both sterilised. The male cat is neutered, and the female cat is spayed. Therefore, the female cat doesn't come into heat. Why is the male cat pestering the female for sex?! Neutered male cat wants to mate with spayed female. Image: u/Ok_Reference2122 on Reddit The owner of the cats asks: "What is my cat doing to my other cat??? He will do these little chirps and follow her around mounting her like this but why? They are both fixed so he can’t be in heat." My answer on Reddit was:  "Neutered male cats might still desire to have sex with a spayed female cat. They may also desire to have sex with their owner's arm! The drive to mate is still there despite being neutered and the removal of testosterone. It's in their DNA. So being fixed does not stop this but it depends upon the individual cat. The little chirps he makes is a sign of