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Monday 13 December 2021

Woman decides to take her cute cat on her errands all the time

The woman states on that her "final form" is to take her cat on errands all the time. I take this to mean that she has firmly decided that the final version of her, in respect of her relationship with her cat companion, is to take the cutie on her daily errands. This is a brave move. 

I took my cat to all my errands today and I think that’s just how I’m going to live my life from now on 😂 crazy cat lady final form.

Provided she is careful to ensure that her cat does not get into any trouble, it's a good idea. I am one of those people who believe that too many domestic cats are too often bored because of a lack of stimulation which arises out of the simple fact that they are cared for and therefore do not have an outlet for their desire to hunt for a living.

Walking your cat on a lead outside, if that's possible and often it isn't, and in this instance carrying your cat into the local DIY store can work wonders to stimulate your cat. There are potential pitfalls and dangers obviously. Cats can be scared under the circumstances. They can wriggle out of their harness. They can disappear and become lost. You just have to take precautions. 

What about an unexpected encounter with a dog? You need a safety procedure prepared to deal with the unexpected and dangerous.

I bet that this woman gets into a lot of conversations with people that she would otherwise not have ended up talking to. That's a positive spin-off. It is very unusual for a person to do this.

I can remember Taylor Swift carrying her Scottish Fold companion cat under her arm like an accessory as she 'swiftly' walked from a building down some steps. A good picture with good and bad points.

Taylor Swift walks out of her apartment into NYC with her cat under her arm
Taylor Swift walks out of her apartment into NYC with her cat under her arm. Image: Twitter.

You have to be careful that you don't treat your cat as an accessory to your lifestyle. I'm not saying that Taylor Swift was doing that. She is a good if not excellent cat caregiver. But you know that those images of celebrities carrying their miniature dogs under their arms don't really tick the boxes when it comes to dog caregiving. For me, the relationship has gone a little awry.

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