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Tuesday 13 June 2023

Chinese call Western food "White People Food" (dull) but 27% of Chinese in China ate wild animals before Covid

The South China Morning Post says that Chinese citizens think that European food is bland and boring to put it mildly. They probably think it's even worse than that and they call it "white people food". They are referring to salads, boiled eggs, chicken breast et cetera. Healthy food. I've just written about Novak Djokovic's diet which is super-healthy as a refinement upon the healthy European diet.

But the Chinese disgust of healthy European food has resulted in some quite extraordinary criticisms. Clearly, the Chinese living in China like their food to be very spicy and super tasty. But they don't mind if it is unhealthy or if its production was obscenely cruel.

Chinese call Western food "White People Food" (dull) but 27% of Chinese in China ate wild animals before Covid
White People Food as per China. They hate the stuff! Image: South China Morning Post.

"The point of the white people’s meal is to learn what it feels like to be dead, but I’ve taken two bites and it was so bad it made me realise how alive I am,” wrote one poster who tried a serving of plain crackers, cheese and ham.

Ah, the intoxicating white people’s meal,” wrote another sarcastically, posting a photo of sliced tomatoes and a banana.

You get the drift. They are being sarcastic about European healthy food. And that's the point. It is healthy. Some Chinese think that there is no point in being healthy and living longer if you're so miserable eating such boring food 😎.

Word of the week is "white people food", a recent trend explained by Zilan. It's inspired by the lunches of white people that Chinese people have observed in real life or in the media, with three characteristics: simple ingredients, simple preparations, and an unappetizing taste. - Manya Koetse of What's on Weibo.

But I would like to present a counterargument. Think of the wet food markets in China where Covid-19 ostensibly started or was it the Wuhan Institute of Virology when they were messing around with biowarfare for the military (coronavirus from bats found in mineshaft)?

In Chinese wet food markets, they slaughter wild animals in an unregulated way (hack them to bits). Perhaps that has changed since SARS and Covid-19. But these traditional habits run deep. Eating pangolin scales for example comes to mind. They are pretty well exterminating the pangolin entirely on the planet because of their fascination with the scales which they superstitiously believe brings them health benefits (entirely unsupported by science).

Pangolins are being poached to extinction to supply INEFFECTIVE traditional Chinese medicine

What about cat and dog meat? Both horrendously brutal and obscene habits which includes the barbaric killing of dogs and cats. Okay, apparently it is only a small proportion Chinese in China who eat cat and dog meat. Most of them in the south of the country.

But then again, many millions of dogs and cats are killed for this market. So, it is not a small business. In fact, it is probably very big business and these often-domestic animals are also eaten because of superstitious reasons.

No doubt they spice up the meat (the flesh) but do you think that Europeans have a greater right to criticise this Chinese diet then they have of our diet? I think we do. I'm not saying that the chicken in a chicken salad has been raised and looked after well on an intensive farm. They haven't. Europeans have their way with livestock and it is unpleasant but nothing matches the hell of the cat and dog meat markets.

At least, ostensibly, chickens and other livestock are killed under regulated conditions in abattoirs with the intention of inflicting minimal pain. But in China in the dog and cat meat market they have no conception of pain or the sentience of the animals that they brutally kill. It doesn't enter their head. If they did, they wouldn't do it.

So, relatively speaking, boring European salads take the moral high ground compared to the Chinese dog meat dish which originates in hell on earth for the dogs. The dog meat market is managed and administered by devils. Devils on Earth but not in hell.

Note: the 27% statistic comes from a study: Attitudes towards Wildlife Consumption inside and outside Hubei Province, China, in Relation to the SARS and COVID-19 -

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