Saturday 21 October 2023

Ogling and carrying on about a "double-snouted moggy" is an act of gross speciesism and it is ugly human behaviour

There's been a story going around the Internet from the UK about a rescue cat, a moggy, who has an anatomical defect with respect to their nose. There are three nostrils and the news media are talking about a one-of-a-kind 'double-snouted moggy'. And it's unfair. It is speciesism to parade this cat all over the Internet.

There, I won't show the nose. This is a fine cat and she should be respected and not ogled at by voyeuristic humans. Image in the public domain and modified by me.

Humans are being voyeuristic. This is like a Victorian freak show. You know back in Victorian times when in their ignorance entrepreneurs put on shows with people who were victims of a congenital anatomical defects which made them look strange. This is exactly the same thing but we are doing it with a cat.

It devalues the cat. It is making the cat a curiosity; something 'weird'. To ogle at her is just not right. It is morally inappropriate.

But the news media does don't get this at all. They completely miss the point about this kind of gross speciesism.

The cat, by the way, is at the Cats Protection Warrington Adoption Center. They have named the cat Nanny McPhee after the fictional film character with a distinctively shaped nose.

Doctors have checked out the cat and they call it a "congenital malformation". Exactly, that's what I've just said above. It's a birth defect. It is a developmental defect when inside the womb. It is inherited and it's unfortunate for the cat.

It is doubly unfortunate because humans are seeking pleasure from looking at this cat and I don't like it. It's about time people respected the cat and behaved in a slightly more moral way if that's possible.

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