Tuesday 3 October 2023

Graham Miller shoots feral cats, deer, goats, camels, pigs, foxes, rabbits and kangaroos!

Graham Miller lives in Australia which might not surprise you seeing as he shoots at anything on four legs that bleeds! And he says that, "I don't give a s***what people think if I shoot cats".

Graham Miller shoots feral cats, deer, goats, camels, pigs, foxes, rabbits and kangaroos!
Miller and family. Image as per embedded credit.

Of course, I didn't expect him to care what people think about him shooting as many animals as possible. He is a professional killer of animals in Australia and he was taught to shoot kangaroos at the age of 10. He clearly has zero sensitivity towards causing pain and probably thinks all animals are automaton-like robots and are not sentient beings.

There is a huge article on him on the Daily Mail website which is crushingly boring except for one or two points. And there's a video on the site with a warning which says that you might be upset when you see feral cats being shot. I find that a bit odd seeing as the whole article is about shooting animals; as many as possible. They use drones to track the animals down.

And after he shots feral cats he likes to hang them up on a makeshift frame (see above). Why did he do this? What's the point of it? Does he get kicks out of it? He probably does. The Daily Mail says that he is credited with saving a local population of black-footed rock wallabies which is South Australia's most endangered mammal.

His business is called Feral Solutions. It's all about killing non-native species which prey on native species. He's one of those guys who thinks that Australians have a duty to eradicate totally all invasive species no matter how long they've been in Australia.

He must have killed thousands of animals by now. He has a lot of guns including a Brno .22 Magnum lever-release rifle which reloads much like a semi-automatic and an Australian-made Taipan pump-action .223. As you can see, he uses a .22 rifle which is a small calibre firearm which is all you need to kill a cat or a goat or a fox or a pig; you name it.

There is one interesting piece of information in this Daily Mail article which is that he believes that feral cats have a range of 11 km. I believe you means 11 km² because when you speak of a range you speak of the home range and that is an area. This is far larger than for domestic cats in the UK allowed outside.

He also, interestingly, states that feral cats don't take the widely used 1080 bait which kills wild dogs and foxes. This is a nasty poison which takes a little while to kill the animal.

Other Australians have created a device which chucks 1080 poison onto cats when they pass by. The cat then licks off the poison and dies. The only problem with it is that if a domestic cat passes by then they die and the authorities have then committed a crime but hey ho no problems.

He says that the biggest cat that he has shot weighed 7.1 kg. That is 15.65 pounds by the way. That's not particularly huge. I say that because a little while ago there were people saying that the feral cats in Australia have become so big that they were monsters. They were claiming that the feral cats had evolved into a new wild cat species. I think not. There are just typical feral cats, most of them tabby cats by the way.

He attracts the cats with a decoy device that emits sounds which include a distressed kitten and squeaking mouse. The curious feral cats are attracted by the sounds leading them into the rifle sights of Mr Miller's .22 rifle.

I think I will leave it there because to be honest it is unpleasant writing about this unpleasant man and his family of shooters. I just don't like this kind of person because he has no conception of really what he's doing. He is just a good shot with a rifle who thinks animals don't feel pain. He needs an education.

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