Sunday 29 October 2023

Binjamin Netanyahu wants to "abolish this evil" by destroying infrastructure and innocent people but he won't destroy what's in their MINDS

Benjamin Netanyahu is deluded because he thinks that he can bomb out of existence what is in the minds of the Hamas terrorists. He thinks by destroying infrastructure and people and animals including pet cats and dogs, he can destroy what is in the minds of Palestinians who feel aggrieved to the point where they become terrorists and wants to kill Jews in Israel.

How is this going to 'abolish this evil'? It'll make it worse. Image: CNN.

You cannot kill off what is in the minds of an aggrieved people by destroying infrastructure and by destroying many innocent people. In fact, you will certainly achieve the exact opposite.

The terrorists are watching their homes being destroyed. They are watching innocent civilians being destroyed including babies and children. They are seeing their pet dogs and cats being destroyed. They are seeing their hospitals being destroyed. This will make them angrier. This will feed what is already in their minds: a hatred for the Israelis, their neighbours.

So, in destroying infrastructure Netanyahu will not be abolishing this evil but reinforcing this evil. He will be strengthening this evil. He will make things worse.

The man is deluded. He is motivated by his extreme anger at the Hamas terrorists who killed around 1500 Jews in Israel together with animals. I must mention the animals because I feel for them as much as I feel for the humans.

But the problem here is that Mr Netanyahu is responding on his gut instinct. He responded too quickly. He needed to settle down, and think more coldly and in the long term. He needed to think when he was calmer and less angry. His response is too instinctive. Animalistic. Instinct leads to this kind of retribution. It leads to simple aggression. A nihilistic destruction of your enemy.

History is repeating itself. It doesn't work. Benjamin Netanyahu is sowing the seeds for far more violence in the immediate and long-term future. He is feeding the aggrieved minds of Palestinians who hate him and Israelis.

I'm not defending the Palestinian terrorists and I'm not defending the Israelis either. The way I see it is that they are both parties to this problem. And the Prime Minister of Israel is making things worse while at the same time killing and maiming innocent people. This can't be right. His reaction is disproportionate in my view and in the view of many others.

And what he's doing may lead to a wider conflagration which would further destabilise the world which is already destabilised by the Ukraine war which is thanks entirely to Putin's illegal invasion of that independent, sovereign country.

The world is being shaped by dictators. Netanyahu wants to be a kind of benevolent dictator.

Huge protest in London in support of the Palestinians of Gaza. Funny this: the citizens of the world are protesting in support of the Gazans while the politicians are voicing support for the Israelis!?

Screenshot. Huge protest in London in support of the Palestinians of Gaza.


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