Wednesday 4 October 2023

Cat café has cats in cages in the restroom

Cat café has cats in cages in the restroom
Cats in cages in the restroom of a cat cafe. Screenshot.

This is a slightly amusing video but it was not mean to be like that. This a cat café somewhere, we don't know where. In the restroom there are four stacked cat cages some with cats inside. Is this deliberate to give the user an audience of cats?! A bit disconcerting perhaps although cats like to be with their owner when they go to the loo. So, it is okay for the cats.

I suspect the reason why the cats are in the restroom is because there is nowhere else to put them. As simple as that.

The video comes from the TikTok account of Hadeelo915. She is a Muslim and wears a headscarf which made me think that this was in the Middle East but I don't think it is. I think it is in the US (perhaps) as she calls the toilet a 'restroom'. Only Americans do that. In Britain we call them 'loos'. Very quaint.

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