Monday 16 January 2012

Goa Mining Destroying Rainforest

I am afraid China is at it again in league with corrupt officials in Goa. Their wealth and insatiable demand for iron ore that is required for their manufacturing industry is resulting in corruption in Goa which in turn leads to mining in prohited areas of rainforest and the forced eviction of homeowners. The forests of Goa are within the distribution of the leopard cat, a small wildcat that is the wild cat ancestor of the very popular Bengal domestic cat.

Mining is an example of a major threat to forests. Another similar example is the forests of sub-Saharan Africa where they are being cleared not for mining but palm oil plantations. The forest of sub-Saharan Africa is the home of the African golden cat.

There you have it. I guess it is nothing new to report as this sort of thing happens all the time especially where there is corruption in government.

As mentioned it is not just wildlife that is losing its habitat and home, people are too. They are being threatened with rape and iron bars. They are forced out so the big mining corporations cashing in on the China boom can mine their properties for minerals.

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