Tuesday 17 January 2012

Angry cat or irritated cat?

Here is a little animated photo that shows a cat biting a person's hand.

What do you think? The picture comes from a website in which the person says that this is an angry cat.

Just because a cat bites it does not mean that the cat is angry. The cat might be angry but often bites are in play or as a message. A gentle bite like this one is more likely to be a form of communication.

I sense that the cat is a little irritated by the person's hand. The person may have deliberately provoked the cat's reaction for the camera.

Cats that are a bit unhappy and/or irritated with a situation will tell you by biting in this way. It is about one third the normal strength. When an adult cat bites with genuine anger and aggression you'll know about it. It will really hurt. Clearly this person is not hurt.

Alternatively, play involving gentle biting can turn to stronger biting as the cat becomes wound up. Note: I have published this picture believing it is in the public domain. If I am wrong please tell me.

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