Wednesday 25 January 2012

Declawed Cougar

This is a heartbreaking video of a declawed cougar. His name is Kona. He is crippled by the declawing. I can't watch it except for the first seconds. What can you say? To think a person did this to this beautiful animal. Cougars are one of the world's greatest jumpers. Kona can barely walk!

It is a simple case of what I call "the human condition": ignorance compounded by arrogance. It is this that results in what you see in this tragic video.

And, you know, there are an estimated 2,000 or more captive cougars in Florida and most are declawed. Because people like to keep a cougar as a "pet". Cougars are not meant to be pets. I guess they see a nice cougar cub that has been stolen from their mother in the wild and the new owner's first thought is "let's declaw". Horrendous isn't it?. Then the cub becomes an adult and their second thought is, "let's get rid of it".

These people don't think.


  1. Cougars are one of the most beautiful large cats, it's cruel & sadistic to declaw, to owners of cats considering declawing, ask yourself "how would you feel if your thumbs were amputated, just try to eat NOT using your thumbs, additionally, burn severely what's left of your fingers. Not exactly a pretty picture is it ?
    By declawing a cat you're mutilatimg him/her, extreme pain whatever he/she tries to do, including litter box, self defense & a very short life span!
    Have a great life with your cat because you have just become its care taker.

  2. I fully agree, my views are made clear on the "Is there anything wrong is keeping a pet cougar?" page. In Germany it's illegal to declaw any cat. Why is the US lagging behind on this???? (as the US usually is)

    1. The US lags behind because they have a culture that is different to Europe's in regard to their relationship with animals. It is less refined and more backward and I believe it is party due to the their consumerist society and the bible. The red necked god-fearing fools with pick up trucks and rifles. The bible preaches that the animal is a lesser creature to the human.


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