Sunday 8 January 2012

The Crazy Human-Cat Dichotomy

This really annoys me. On the one hand we have millions of funny cat videos. We have millions of funny cat cheeseburger pictures (pictures of cats with funny captions). Yet on the other hand we have millions of cats deliberately killed at cat shelters. We have millions of miserable, short-lived feral cats that should have been domestic cats. We really don't do it right, do we?

We cannot have fun looking at cats doing what we consider to be crazy things and at the same to kill them in the millions. We shoot them in the USA and skin them alive in Asia. Funny cat videos are an abuse on that basis. If we had everything in order, no abandoned cats, no cats being killed at shelters, no abuse, no shelters in fact, then we would have a right to laugh at cats on a YouTube video.

Until then we haven't. And Google are accessories to this ugly fact because their highly paid Ph.D. scientists who work at Google in their thousands decide what websites should be listed in a Google search and they find, and rank highly, funny cat videos. Also Google owns YouTube. Google needs to take responsibly. It is time to act more responsibly.

If a Google employee reads this, I want to say that I respect Google and their free applications but you should understand that it is you who, more or less, govern the internet despite the fact that you are a profit making business and have shareholders.

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