Sunday 23 January 2011

Laser Cat Claw Removal

I know people search for "laser cat claw removal" because I use software that tells me what people search for on the internet. In fact the software tells me the exact words used.

In this case the words tell us clearly that people are still unclear as to the exact nature of the declaw operation. Vets misleading the public is one reason. Another is a simple lack of knowledge.

a poster portraying vets declawing for money not the health of the cat
Poster by Ruth

"Claw removal" indicates that the public think that the claw is removed. In one video a vet used the word "nail". Hear him speak by clicking on the following link:

Revealing: Declawing Vet Talks About Declawing - (the soundtrack from this video is on this page. It is revealing on the mentality of the US veterinarian).

The linked page is an example of how vets downplay the operation, making it sound much less onerous and painful than it really is.

I think that this behavior from the veterinarians is deliberate. After all declawing cats is a very profitable part of a vet's work. Twenty million cats have been declawed we are told. If it is not vets deliberately misleading their clients it is vets deceiving themselves.

The operation is neither the removal of the claw nor the nail but the last phalange of the toe that supports the claw. This is equivalent to the removal of the last joint of our hands.

I hope that the people searching for "laser cat claw removal" read this post. They should also realise that laser declawing is no better than any other form of declawing. The vet I refer to above who called the cat's claw a "nail" admits that laser declawing is not his preferred method because the burnt skin fails to heal as fast as it would with a surgical cut. That said, let's make note of the fact that the cut is across the tendons and structures that hold the last phalange of the cat's toe to the other.

So, all in all, it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that declawing cats is a brutally unnecessary operation on usually ten toes - that makes ten amputations. Do you think the cats feels pain after that? And for what? To save some furniture from a bit of scratching, if that.

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