Monday 18 September 2023

Couple of burglars take their cat with them in the getaway car

Burglars take their cat with them
Burglars take their cat with them. Screenshot.

NEWS AND COMMENT: A couple of burglars appear to have taken a cat with them in their car! Who'd do that? The burglars had to abort the burglary of a local chemist and got away with $500 of drugs before being caught by the police. In the meantime their cat was in the getaway car! The police called the RSPCA who took the cat away. I'll presume that once the alleged criminals have been tried and by the look of it convicted that they'll eventually be reunited with their cat. If the cat belongs to them.

They are currently on remand as we call it in the UK meaning in a police cell until trial. As they were caught red-handed in the act, they'll be convicted. I wouldn't expect them to be imprisoned but Australia have a different culture. The point is that the cat needs to be reunited with their owner or owners so when will that happen? If it should happen at all.

There is an argument that says they should not own a cat as their caretaking is substandard! Taking a cat on a burglary indicates less than optimal car caregiving, I think you'd agree. But as mentioned this might not be their cat. Scanning a microchip comes to mind to check for the owner.

That said I should not prejudge. One of them could be the owner and he might be a bloody good cat owner. Perhaps they were just in dire straits and hatched a bad plan to make some quick bucks. We don't know. They might not be hardened criminals but silly blokes.

It's tough for the cat as she/he will now have to spend time in an animal shelter which are unpleasant places for rescue cats and dogs: noisy and strange.

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