Sunday 24 September 2023

Deciding what type of cat litter material is the best for you and your cat

In broad terms, there are six types of cat litter substrate (material) and each cat owner has their personal choice. The infographic below covers the pros and cons succinctly. Personally, I have always used sawdust turned into wood pellets because I thought this was the best in terms of the environment, odour retention or odour control and for the health of my cat.

One of the great issues with cat litter material is the dust that is kicked up by the cat when they are rummage around. If the litter material is clumping and that dust gets into their lungs it can clump inside the kitten or cat. This is clearly very bad for health. 

The most notorious cat litter material - allegedly - which does that is lightweight clay-based litter and the manufacturer Tidy Cats comes to mind the most and I have an article on it which ranks highly in Google search results. There is strong evidence that this litter is dangerous to cats although no doubt it is still popular which, personally, I find disturbing.

And that's another factor in deciding which litter to buy. The weight of the litter itself in large bags is a problem or can be a problem for many women and a lot of women live alone with their domestic cat companion. That was the modus operandi of the Tidy Cats manufacturer; to serve those women.

Clumping clay litter is the most common type and it is said to be easier to clear up the litter tray because the urine is in clumps. Although personally, I don't find it any easier than wood-based because although it clumps sometimes it doesn't always absorb all the urine leaving some unabsorbed urine in the tray. To be honest, I find wood-based litter better in terms of absorption.

Below is an Infographic on the different types of litter material and the pros and cons of that material which may help you decide which kind the purchase. I hope that you find it useful.

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