Friday 21 April 2023

Woman fully dressed a cat as a baby with nappy to smuggle drugs

NEWS AND COMMENT - NIZHZY, RUSSIA: A woman abused this placid and apparently accepting cat (or was the cat drugged) in order to smuggle drugs in baby clothes and a baby snow suit. The cat was dressed head to toe in baby clothes including a nappy and put inside the snow suit. The narcotic drugs were hidden in the snow suit. I guess the nappy was added purely for a functional reason to allow the cat to go to the toilet. Thoughtful!

Screenshot. Young grey cat dressed as baby as a way of hiding drug smuggling.

The criminal enterprise failed and the woman was arrested. The police discovered powdered methylephedrine.

Each package contained 170 grams of the drug. I have to look at this story from the standpoint of animal welfare. 

Clearly there has been animal abuse. The cat seems to be okay but we don't know. Perhaps the cat was drugged.

I'd suspect that they had been as it is hard to envisage a cat complying with that kind of extreme confinement without complaining and making a considerable amount of noise which would have given the game away.

The police intercepted the 'mother' and 'baby'. The drugs were being smuggled into a resort of some sort perhaps for sale.

However, if the drug was powdered methylephedrine, this is not a drug to get you high but used for relieving coughs and congestion.

Perhaps it is irrelevant. The interesting and disturbing aspect of the story is the bizarre and elaborate way she hid the drugs. 

The woman appears to be a cat lover she wore a hat with 2 cat ears! Some cat lover.

This is the Daily Mail version of the video in case the other fails (the often do).

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