Wednesday 12 April 2023

Security camera records young man 'dry humping' a domestic cat in Bukit Panjang

Bukit Panjang is in West Region of Singapore. A security camera captured a 'sick' young man dry humping a cat. It is presumed that he was dry humping rather doing the real thing. Dry humping means not making skin-to-skin contact but simulating the sex act through the barrier of clothes.

The cat's owner, Ismul, posted the photo on Instagram to try and force the police to take action as they were disinterested when contacted. Update: the man has been now been arrested. We await further news.

If you are interested you can see the images by clicking ON THIS LINK. Why not on this page? Because it is too horrible and there are adverts on this page.

He states:
“What do you feel when some sick bastards does this to your cat? […] I’m putting it out here and in hopes that this goes viral, so relevant parties can take actions against this guy,” he wrote.

The cat was traumatised but okay. The cat initially tried to escape before being grabbed and held. 

Source: Yahoo! News. 

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