Thursday 27 April 2023

Cat brings baby rabbit home and locates mother's nest so that it could be returned to its siblings

Well, this is interesting and a bit different. A woman has videoed her black-and-white cat bringing a newborn rabbit into her home and delivering it to her. Her cat then led her to the spot where the mother rabbit's nest was buried in the ground outside, covered in fur and straw. 

Cat brings baby rabbit home and identifies mother's nest so it could be returned to its siblings
Cat brings baby rabbit home and identifies mother's nest so it could be returned to its siblings. Screenshot from video below.

Inside were the baby rabbit's siblings. She reunited the lost and found sibling with the rest of the family and left them alone. She confirmed that the mother rabbit had returned and continued to care for her family which confirmed that her intervention had not disturbed her parenting.

Her assessment is that the rescued baby rabbit had crawled out of the nest and was found by her cat who took it up in her jaws and brought it inside. The cat was handling the rabbit as if it was one of her kittens it appears. It was totally unharmed.

In bringing the rabbit home the cat was asking her human caregiver (acting as the cat's surrogate mother) to help her reunite the rabbit with its family. That's my interpretation. 

It is unusual but plausible in my view.

The key point is that the cat did not regard the baby rabbit as a prey animal but as one of her offspring. It appears that her motherly instincts were the prime motivator for her actions.

It is an example of a cat performing the task of rabbit rescue as opposed to a human performing the task of cat rescue. Something different as I said.

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