Monday 27 June 2022

Cat video entertains at the expense of the cat's welfare

This is a mildly abusive cat video as far as I am concerned. Why was it made? Was it made to illustrate good cat caregiving and a way of improving a cat's health and welfare or was the video made to try and achieve a high hitting TikTok video? I think it is the latter and if I am correct, I am tired of seeing these sorts of videos where domestic cats are ostensibly abused by putting them through something which they don't need to go through in order to try and make a high-hitting and successful video on TikTok. 

TikTok - supporting animal cruelty.

Mildly abusive cat video
Mildly abusive cat video.

In any case, this is an incredibly boring video except that the cat looks very cute and attractive. But the owner is putting their cat through an unpleasant experience in the interest of trying to be a successful TikTok creator. Why is she is bathing her cat who looks in rude health? Cats should not be bathed unless for a specific health reason.

I am being boring but I don't think cats should have to be mildly abused to entertain people. It's remarkable that so many videos on social media involving cats concern the mild abuse of the cat to entertain. Something is wrong.

I will tell you what is wrong. It is cat owners prioritising making money or their success in other ways over the welfare of their cat. They are prepared to mildly undermine the welfare of the cat to promote their personal interest. This is the exact opposite to what a cat caregiver should be doing. Cat caregiving should be an altruistic activity. They should be giving to their cat unconditionally because it provides them with pleasure. And in return they have the wonderful companionship of their cat.

Note: You'll have to click on the play button twice (maybe) to get it to play😎.

It is disappointing that social media administrators and owners disregard entirely videos which are mildly abusive of animals. And it is almost impossible these days to get administrators to remove videos which demonstrate clear animal abuse. 

The video on this page is not animal abuse in the normal way. It's just mild abuse because it goes against their welfare but there are far worse videos on social media which are never removed. 

Social media has a lot to answer for. They are often unaccountable. They are irresponsible. I am gradually losing interest in social media. The truth is they are unable to manage these large websites such as YouTube and Facebook because there is so much material uploaded that it is impossible to monitor it.


  1. I agree! I see much cat abuse on social media, mostly FB. It demonstrates the level of lack of care for the animals, and the priority of getting views/likes/shares. It's shameful and disgusting!

    1. Pleased that you agree and I hope you are keeping well. Nice to hear from you.


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