Saturday 20 December 2014

What Causes Struvite Crystals in Cats?

What Causes Struvite Crystals in Cats?

If you click on the link above you can read a full article on this topic but in summary the most likely cause of struvite crystals in urine is stress in combination with dehydration which may be caused by a diet of exclusively dry cat food. Add in a bacterial infection and other reasons why a cat is not drinking enough (i.e. poor water quality) and the likelihood is increased. Another compounding factor is not urinating enough perhaps due to an unsatisfactory litter box. The cure is to keep flushing out the urinary tract and a pleasant environment.


  1. I've been on a mission to help my cat Freddie for 3 years, He was catheterized 2 times.
    I have learned over the years, that the dry prescription diet are for the birds.
    2 very important things Ive learned and continue to do on a regular basis when offering advise is say:
    My list of products that I give to Freddie to keep him from getting UTI'S or Stuvite crystals are:
    Culurelle powder kids probiotic, Cosequin. King Bio urinary tract irritation homeopathy, or leaks no more by Homeopet, Biotic PH from Wysong.
    I also ground up raw organic chicken and add it to his wet food.
    Best of luck to you all who deal with this issue.

    1. Great comment. I love it. Very useful. I like the list of supplements. I might use your info do do some more work on this. Many thanks.


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