Monday 29 December 2014

Was the BBC Top Gear Patagonia Programme Fixed?

You know that the news stated that the Top Gear Team were attacked in their cars in the extreme south of Argentina by an angry mob who where protesting about the presence of the Top Gear team (31 of them plus the three presenters: Clarkson, May and Hammond) because Clarkson's Porche 928 V8 had a number plate that hinted at the Falklands war lost by Argentina.

To the Argentinians the number plate was provocative. I have watched the two part program and I sense the whole thing was set up by Clarkson and the BBC because they needed something special and entirely different to keep the program vibrant and maintain audience figures.

What I mean is the offensive number plate and even the protest was arranged before the filming started. That is my allegation.

Why? Because of the way the presenters acted. They finished on a Sundance Kid style ending and in the middle of part one they visited the house where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid stayed (when escaping the law). It all tied in nicely and conveniently with the attack by the protestors. What I mean is the middle of the program tied in with the end indicating planning.

James May defends the number plate stating that it was was pure chance.

The number is: H982 FKL. The date: 1982. FKL = Falklands. The BBC say it was pure chance and deny any set up.

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