Tuesday 16 December 2014

Confusion over What the Pope Said or Didn’t Say about Animals Going to Heaven | PoC

Confusion over What the Pope Said or Didn’t Say about Animals Going to Heaven | PoC

This subject has been chewed over endlessly now by a plethora of Internet news websites and the vast majority of them initially, it appears, made a mistake in stating that Pope Francis made an off-the-cuff remark that animals go to heaven.

To be honest, if you believe in heaven then animals have an equal right to go to heaven as humans.  In fact, you could say animals have a greater right in humans because they are all innocent whereas humans are far from innocent. So this discussion is rather pointless unless you are a devout Catholic and a conservative Catholic.

In any case, the initial stories about Pope Francis appear to be incorrect and the whole thing has been fabricated by the news media not intentionally but in the same way that a message handed from one person to another becomes distorted, gradually.

The beginning of this sorry saga starts with an Italian newspaper which appears to have taken the saying of an earlier Pope who did in fact say that animals go to heaven which was then attributed to the current Pope.

In addition because the current Pope is a very natural person who likes to behave like an ordinary person to make a remark that animals are allowed to go to heaven was believable.  Pope Francis's character encouraged the newspapers to create this story.  It is believable that he would agree that animals can happen.  Perhaps he does believe this but he has not stated it as far as I am aware.

In fact, he has said something which indicates otherwise. He has said that people spend too much money and time on their pets and not enough time on the welfare of vulnerable children or something like that. I can almost agree with that.

In any case, if you click on the link above, at the top of the page I go into the subject into more detail

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  1. Since the Catholic church is responsible for some of the most horrific, abusive and obscene "festivals" where animals are routinely mocked, battered, broken, mutilated and killed, I think that any Pope ought to abstain from making any comments about animals, unless it's to state that all catholic religious festivals that involve animals are banned.

    Better still, lets get rid of ALL religions and all animals, including the human species will be much better off.


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