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Video on bathing a young rescue cat by holding the scruff throughout

This is a slightly intriguing video. It took me about 10 seconds to realise that throughout the entire bathing of this young rescue cat (who was a bit grimy) the caregiver held the cat in her right hand by the scruff of their neck . And this accounts for the pliable and accepting behaviour of the cat.  We all know that holding a cat by the scruff helps to pacify them because they are mentally reduced to being kittens held by their mother when they are carrying their offspring from an old down to a new one. This is the 'kitten reflex response' when carried by mom. Images and video Both images below are screenshots from the video . The video is below the images . It comes from TikTok where they allow visitors to download videos which implies that they allow them to be used under a creative commons license. This woman has decided that the best way to bathe cats is to subdue them with the scruff-of-the-neck hold and it certainly works well as we can see in the video. Cooking pot? I